Professional Youth Services

ISNA Youth Programming and Services Department and MYNA National are proud to present to our community a package of the state-of-the-art services that any local community can use to establish and/or enhance long-term youth programs that are founded on solid professional foundations and that are relevant to our youth’s and parents’ real life. If you would like to bring these services to your school or community center please contact us:, or
Ph. 317.319.2619.

Youth Camps and Programs:

All MYNA camps and programs are run by youth, ages 12-18, guided and supported by a selected group of trusted adults who are chosen for their experience and track record in youth work. ISNA YPSD and MYNA National will work with your community’s youth on organizing such camps and programs in your area. We will connect your youth with a National Network of qualified adult advisors and youth activists who have developed an extensive experience in organizing such events and who will coach and mentor your youth on how to set up successful camps and events so that they can develop their capacities as community leaders and activists TODAY, not tomorrow.
The fact that these programs are run by the youth themselves is the reason why our youth have full ownership of our programs, which in turn impacts the quality of such programs. More than 98% of youth who participated in these programs were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality . More than 96% believed that the content of these programs was relevant or very relevant to their realities as Muslim American youth. These programs include camps, seminars, leadership workshops, father-son night, mother-daughter night, open discussion forums, concerts, community youth town hall meetings, MYNA Olympics amongst other projects and programs.

For more information on camps and upcoming programs visit our website at or email us

Youth Programs and Camp Counselors Trainings

Youth programs and camps can be major sources of liability to any community center or institution. Having qualified counselors will insure that these camps will be a safe and nourishing environment for our youth. YPSD/ MYNA National provides a state of the art training that covers the following areas:

  • youth protection policies and procedures
  • behavior management and
  • youth development

Youth Program Design

YPSD/ MYNA National offers Islamic Centers an opportunity to build their youth programs on solid structural and programmatic foundations that are based on needs assessment, a clear vision and a realistic action plan, applying the best practices in the area of project management and program design. Such a service enables the community to establish long-term, self-sustained and consistent projects that will serve the community for generations to come.

Community and School Youth Town Hall Meetings

Many times youth are seen but are not heard. This results in their deep feeling of disconnect to their communities as their communities fail to realize their needs. We offer our parents, teachers and community leaders an opportunity to hear these young voices and to listen to what they have to say about your Islamic Centers, communities and schools. These forums enable the youth to hear from the adults in our community as well. Communication is the first step towards bridging generational and cultural gaps that exist between parents and their youth. It has proven to be an instrumental tool in bringing youth back to their communities and getting them involved in the leadership of these institutions at a very early age. These meetings are followed up with a series of meetings and programs to solidify a long term action plan for the youth programs in these communities.

Parenting Workshops

Why do teens behave the way they do? How can we deal with their attitude and temperament? What goes on in their minds? YPSD/MYNA National has designed a series of workshops that aim to helping parents understand their youth and the world that these youth live in. The workshops have the following objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of youth emotional, psychological, and cognitive development during adolescence.
  • Develop an understanding of the different social factors that influence youth identity development such as media, virtual social networks and peer pressure.
  • Suggest best practices to dealing and communicating with youth.

Teachers Workshops

Besides the workshops offered to parents, YPSD offers teachers a series of lectures and workshops that aim to improving communications between school staff and students. These workshops are specially beneficial to school administrators, teachers, board members of Islamic full time and weekend schools.

Contact Information:

Questions about MYNA programs and events program@myna.orgQuestions about YPSD/ MYNA Professional Services 

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