Salah in Focus – Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda’s pre-seminar visit to Alhuda

Salah in Focus – Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda’s pre-seminar visit to Alhuda

on Friday Sep 28 and gave an excellent introduction on how to obtain Khushoo’ in Salah.  Khushoo’ means calmness, serenity, tranquility, dignity and humility.  Brother Nasir spent the hour talking about the 11th year of the Prophet hood – ‘The Year of Grief’ and how difficult this time was for the Prophet Mohmammed (s).  He helped us reflect on the deaths of Hazrat Kadijah(r) and Hazrat Abu Talib(r) and what they meant to the Prophet (s) and how this was a very trying and painful time for him.   The Sheikh went on to explain that the Salah was the solution given to the Prophet (s) on the night journey.  This is the same Salah we perform today that is supposed to solve our problems and give us perspective.  But why is this not working for so many of us?   This is because our Salah lacks khushoo’.

Sheikh Nasir suggested three areas of improvement that we can all work on:

1.      We need to change our lifestyle.

It is impractical to assume that we can do whatever we want in our life, keep on sinning, lying, backbiting, etc and then have khushoo’ in our Salah.  We carry that same state of mind in our Salah.  There is no on and off switch for khushoo’ that can be conveniently turned on at Salah time.  So we need to be God conscious at all times and make better choices in all areas of our life.

2.      Improve the Quality of your prayer.

Make Salah an important event in your life.  Just like we take time to get ready for school or work we need time to prepare before we go in front of Allah.  The Sheikh recommended to pray on time by fixing an iqamah time for ourselves.  He adviced to turn off your phones, beepers, TV and any other distractions.  Prophet Mohammad (s) used to become a stranger to his family when it was time to pray.

3.      Learn the Fiqh of Salah.

Learn the tajweed – the rules of recitation of the Quran.  The soul and spirit of the prayer comes from understanding the words of the prayer.  We lose interest quickly when we hear someone speaking in a language we do not understand.  Unfortunately the same is true for the Salah.  The sheikh ended by sharing the meaning of Allah-u-akbar that is most often translated as ‘Allah is the Greatest’.  But he explained that the correct meaning is ‘Allah is Greater than….’ and each worshipper can individualize his prayer by finishing that sentence.
Inshallah Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda will be back at Al-Huda on Nov 2 and will spend the weekend giving a detailed seminar on how we can get khushoo’ in our Salah.  Be sure and make time to attend this event.  It might prove to be the most well spent time of your life.

2 thoughts on “Salah in Focus – Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda’s pre-seminar visit to Alhuda

  • October 24, 2012 at 5:41 am

    Whoever wrote this up did an awesome job of summarizing the lecture. Jazakallahu khair!

  • November 7, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    The weekend seminar was outstanding! Jazakallahu khair!!


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