Jazakallah brothers for the delicious breakfast

The brothers at Alhuda foundation cooked and served a delicious breakfast to show appreciation to their sisters, mothers, daughters and moms on March 23. About 200 community members showed up to socialize and enjoy the event. The brothers gathered for fajr prayer and then started cooking at 7:30 am. Brothers cooked everything from scrambled eggs to omelets both desi and American style. They also took cooking lessons and then tried their hand at chocolate waffles and American pancakes. Bagels, toast, juice and hot beverages were also on the menu. The sisters really enjoyed the morning as they got to relax and enjoy some time to catch up with friends without worrying about cooking and cleaning up. The sisters are all very appreciative of all the brothers time, thought fullness and efforts. Jazakallah for the breakfast from all the sisters at Alhuda.


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