Introducing Youth Coordinator

Al-Huda Foundation is excited to announce that we now have Anisse Adni as a Youth Coordinator.

For those of you who don’t know him, he is 26 years old and has been a resident of Hamilton county for 7 years. Graduated from Marian University with degrees in Sociology and French. he currently works at MTI teaching History/Social Studies and this is his 5th year there. He has also studied Arabic and Qur’an in Egypt for some time.

He will be arranging 3 to 4 times weekly activities for youth. Those activities include (and not limited to)

  • Sporting events, hiking and canoeing trips, movies and mentoring nights.
  • Youth Leadership – Develop youth leadership by having them organize projects, activities and presentations.
  • Educate the youth about the basics of Islamic faith and practice being within American context.
  • Weekly Interactive Session – Lead the youth in a series of activities designed to have them interact with one another to form bonds of friendship, public speaking skills, and increased self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Weekly Intensive Study for Dedicated Youth- This course will require the reading of books and the memorization of verses of the Qur’an that will be studied in depth.
  • Interfaith forums, helping local food pantries, humanitarian work, BBQ, etc.

All we are asking from you is to support it by sending your teenagers to these activities. Also, please note that some activities will be free, but for others (canoeing trip for example) there will be a charge for it.

He will be sending out emails in the beginning for each day’s activities. Once he builds his network those emails will only be sent to the group. But… please, please, please do support this and send your kids to all these activities. We will continue this even during Ramadan.

This is something that we desperately need, to create muslim bond amongst our kids.


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