Ramadan and Security

In previous ramadans we have had lot of issues where teenagers come to the masjid but instead of praying just sat in the hallways and chatted or played basketball outside. They also roamed around in the neighborhood. They even broke few doors and vandalized few rooms in masjid. It is very hard to manage them since they either run or gang up on you.

We WILL NOT allow it this year. We have hired a security guard who will be at the masjid everyday of the Ramadan. He will be authorized to call Fishers Police Department if he needs to.

So, here are your options, if you have a teenager at your house (this includes both boys and girls. Girls were as bad as boys last year).

  • DO NOT bring your teenager at the masjid during taraweeh. On fridays/saturdays you can drop them at school gym.
  • If you insist on bringing them then make sure they are with you praying. If you don’t see them in musallah area then go and get them or take them home

If we see teenagers sitting in hallway or playing/chatting outside then we will ask them to leave. If they do not leave then I will STOP taraweeh and ask their parents to take them home. We are very serious about making masjid a quite place during Ramadan. We are also concerned about our neighbors (since taraweeh is about midnight).


Adnan Masood

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