The Ramadan, The Taraweeh and the Babysitting

Ramadan Mubarak! First day of Ramadan is Tuesday, July 9th, so the first Taraweeh is Monday, July 8th inshallah! Isha will be starting at 10:55PM. To download the entire schedule for the month, please visit our website at

To build on last year inshallah, we will not let any kids in musallah area and women’s room. Kids are only allowed in babysitting area. Masjid has spent lot of time and money in setting that room up and has also arranged for babysitters for all fridays/saturdays/sundays.

  • For NON-MEMBERS, it is $5.00 per child per day.

There will be several activities for kids in babysitting area. We will not allow any kids in the hallway during prayers. Please do not leave your children unattended.

Please help us make this the best Ramadan of our lives. Some of us will not be here the next time!

If you have any questions then please ask.


Adnan Masood

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