Ode to Al-Huda

People are recognized through you,

Accolades are given for serving you,

But the benefactors don’t realize,

You cannot thank a child for taking care of her mother…

For a child can never do justice!


My Masjid, my Alhuda, my safe haven,

Wish I could do more for you

You have given me so much and I, to you, so little.


Yet you recognized me,

Your benevolence astounds me.


You open your doors for me whenever:

I need a shoulder to cry

A hand to hold

An ear to listen

A lesson to learn

A meal to share

And mostly…

I need a moment of pure connection with the Beloved.


Some say women should not come to the Masjid,

And they are right in their own way

For we cause distraction, noise and chaos.

But dear how do I explain to them what you mean to me?


How can anyone prevent a plant from being phototropic?

For a plant may survive in the shade but,

It only blooms in the Sun!

You are such a sun for many.


You are welcoming to a diverse group

You are a beacon of light

Many lasting friendship sprout within your walls

Many broken hearts mended within your walls.


No matter how many masajid I frequent,

There is something very special about you.

It maybe love has blinded me

It maybe you are a blessed gift from the Almighty.


I want to recognize you Alhuda,

I want to appreciate you,

I want to thank you

I want to make a duaa

May Allah protect you and safeguard your devotees

May there be unity among your attendees

For like a mother you do not like to see your children quarrel.

May there be harmony in you, for my beloved Masjid, you deserve that much!


No matter where I go, I will always miss you.

For they say you never forget your first love!

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