Al-Noor Sunday School

About Us:

Alnoor Sunday School is part of Al Huda Foundation in Indiana. It was established for the sake of our community children. We accept children age 4 to 16 years old. Each Sunday session starts
@ 9:45 and ends after Thuhr Salat but not later than 2pm. For more information, please email us @: (The principal) or (Administrator)

Our Staff:

Alhumdulillah we are blessed with experienced and qualified staff. We value each staff member whether a volunteer or an employee. By coming from different background and specialized in a variety of majors, they bring a wealth of information and expertise. One of them is an instructor at IVY Tech and another is an Azhary Sheikh. We are looking forward to hiring more new experienced teachers in all majors.


1-As a muslim child, our student learns all what he needs to know about Islam.

2-Our’an reading and recitation. The student learns new Surahs every year.

3-Islamic studies that deals w/the History of Islam: The Message and Prophets, spreading Islam
over the world, the 5 pillars of Islam and more.

4-Islamic Education that deals w/Islamic culture: Manners, Du’aas, Islamic special occasions, Hadeeth and Seerah.

5-Arabic Language, for younger students. Starting grade 3, for both Arabic Speakers and who is interested to learn Arabic Language, learn Arabic only, while the rest learn Islamic Education only.


Each student receives the subject syllabus on the first day of each semester. So parents could follow up w/their children.

Extra curricular activities:

Our main goal is to let our dear students learn the Islamic Education through fun. We want them to feel like they can’t wait until the following Sunday Session to come back to school.

The school administration w/the help of Allah SWT and the PTO made huge achievements in the past couple of years like:

-Field trips to some places for entertainment.

-Community Service like Adopt A Road in Fishers.

-Qur’an Competition at school and in Cincinnati.

-Yearly Graduation Ceremony.

-Art Competition w/a theme about Islam.

-Lectures about Islam like Qur’an and Science done by Sisters Huda and Betty.

More plans are to be done in the future inshaAllah like: Parents Teachers conference.

2012-2013 Graduation Ceremony

This year’s graduation ceremony was very special and valuable to parents and our school as well:

1- We were honored by the presence of Br.Adnan Masood: Al Huda Foundation President. He did a remarkable speech urging parents to care about their children Islamic culture and education.

2- Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals had been distributed to the outstanding students.

3-We ended our ceremony w/the Muslim countries Traditional Clothes.


Parents and students had been asked in advance to wear their original countries traditional clothes and hold their flags, most of them did mashaAllah. It was followed by the following rhyme from all:

We came from different countries

We all have faith in Allah

Mohammad is our prophet

Alaihy assalato wassalam

They went on the stage after calling the name of each country. It was an impressive view for all. Tears of happiness and pride came out of the audience’s eyes.

We’ve got and still are getting many compliments from parents regarding this item, Alhumdulillah.

May Allah SWT bless all our children, school, staff and our community.

Jazakumullah Khairan. Sister M.Badawi (Alnoor Sunday School Principal)

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