Al-Huda Survey 2013

Survey compiled by Sister Sobia Beg (sobiaubeg at



1. Alhuda Masjid met my expectation of having sufficient religious and community activities in addition to obligatory prayer services.

51% Strongly Agree 33% Somewhat Agree 5% Unsure 5% Somewhat Disagree

2% Strongly Disagree


2. Alhuda Foundation Board of Directors (BOD) is responsive to community needs and develops programs accordingly.

44% Strongly Agree 30% Somewhat Agree 12% Unsure 5% Somewhat Disagree

3% Strongly Disagree


3. Alhuda BOD encourages initiatives from individuals or groups within Alhuda community that are beneficial to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

41% Strongly Agree 27%Somewhat Agree 18% Unsure 7%Somewhat Disagree

3% Strongly Disagree


4. Alhuda BOD encourages interfaith activities.

40% Strongly Agree 27% Somewhat Agree 20% Unsure 7%Somewhat Disagree

3% Strongly Disagree


5. Alhuda Masjid offers enough youth activities.

24% Strongly Agree 38% Somewhat Agree 19% Unsure 8% Somewhat Disagree

8% Strongly Disagree


6. Alhuda Masjid offers enough educational / Quran programs for children / youth.

30%Strongly Agree 35%Somewhat Agree 17%Unsure 12% Somewhat Disagree

5% Strongly Disagree


7. Alhuda Masjid offers enough programs for women.

12% Strongly Agree 33% Somewhat Agree 30% Unsure 14% Somewhat Disagree

9% Strongly Disagree

8. Cultural and ethnic diversity within Alhuda community are well respected and appreciated by all community members.

47% Strongly Agree 30% Somewhat Agree 5% Unsure 8% Somewhat Disagree

7% Strongly Disagree

9. Having a picnic area with tables and grills on Masjid ground is very important.

46% Strongly Agree 27% Somewhat Agree 12% Unsure 4% Somewhat Disagree

7% Strongly Disagree


10. Alhuda Masjid parking lot expansion project is very important.

72% Strongly Agree 16% Somewhat Agree 4% Unsure 1% Somewhat Disagree

3% Strongly Disagree


11. Jumuah khutba is currently about 40 minutes long. It should be:

14% About 20 minutes long 29% About 30 minutes long 53% Not be changed

12. Alhuda Masjid needs more outdoor sports facility such as a tennis court on Masjid ground.

41% Strongly Agree 23% Somewhat Agree 16% Unsure 6% Somewhat Disagree

11% Strongly Disagree


13. A resident Imam will lead daily salah, offer Jumuah khutba, perform essential services such as salatul Janazah, marriage (nikah), counseling, dispute resolution, dawah, interfaith dialogue, etc. Alhuda Masjid definitely needs a full time resident Imam.

67% Strongly Agree 15% Somewhat Agree 7% Unsure 2% Somewhat Disagree

2% Strongly Disagree


14. Alhuda Masjid should invite more guest speakers who are well respected Islamic scholars (Expenses for each guest speaker will range between $1,000 and $2,000).

42% Strongly Agree 29% Somewhat Agree 13% Unsure 7% Somewhat Disagree

3% Strongly Disagree



  • Majid communication (Alhuda) list email on google, for ex. Is mostly limited to death announcements or kids activities. I can’t go to Jumma on the insight because of work, so I miss any announcement made after prayer. I would like to hear about classes, halaqas etc via the list email.
  • JAK for your efforts (rest is in Arabic).
  • Ramadan task force: 1) have big sinks in the restroom, not to stand and urinate. To educate youth, children and adults for proper taharat. 2) Take pictures of the people who are not following rules during Taraveeh and display on projector between Taraveeh so people could avoid unwanted behavior. For ex. Leaving kids at Masjid without supervision, women talking in babysitting area, inappropriate parking, youth playing basketball. 3) More security staff.
  • Positive points: Hats off to the board J. 1) Our community is very cohesive despite the diverse culture. 2) People are respectful and friendly 3) There seems to be an urgent desire to improve religiously. Opportunities: Separate women entrance/less mingling. 2) Discipline teenagers (more for parents).
  • Better kids at the school
  • Basketball inside
  • Kids don’t get time to speak up. That should be changed.
  • Wish there were more youth activities for kids younger than 12. Having a picnic area with tables and grills on Masjid grounds if maintained well and rules are respected by all.
  • Displaced Muslims are more important than parking lot expansion project. Build a big hall for outdoor activities. Women prayer area is still not developed properly, complete separation is very necessary.
  • As a Masjid we need to focus more on performing and fulfilling core functions of Masjid before expanding programs and projects.
  • Jumma Khutba is too long. More interfaith and convert programs.
  • I just moved here from another state. I agree with parking lot expansion project. Thank you.
  • Take the women wall/separator down. Thanks.
  • Please make Jumma Khutba in both languages, Arabic and English. Entrance and exits should be separate for men and women.
  • How about a bigger Salah room. Women always have no room to pray. Please consider prayer room expansion.
  • I don’t like when people linger around instead of praying.
  • Put chairs back in the hallway close to the entrance.
  • When fundraising, allow for smaller donations first before asking huge amounts. It makes others feel useless.
  • More activity from the women group. More fund programs for kids.
  • Better to spend $1000-$2000 for resident Imam than calling people from outside.
  • Please have Nouman Khan again. We as a family would great appreciate it.
  • There needs to be more opportunities for intra-faith dialogues.
  • We need a bigger building, just build on or a standalone building and make existence one as community center.
  • Jumma Khutba is not time, its about content. No youth no inspiration.
  • I am new to this community and will know better as we go. JAK.
  • Have a meeting with parents of teenagers before Ramadan and emphasize the rule o majid.
  • We need to be more organized. We are supposed to be the best example of all that. Subhanallah.
  • Suggest youth organized activities (by youth for youth). In order to developer next generation of leaders in the Islamic community. Add more indoor-easy to support sports like table tennis (majid/Eman School).
  • 1) Please be sensitive to people’s time on Friday. 2) I like the email communication to the community 3) you need to have consent form for youth activity (rules, expectations, sequences). 4) Great job in Eid and Ramadan.
  • Don’t see too many people playing tennis so don’t know about the tennis court. Masjid Iman has to be someone good and fulltime.
  • I was so pleased to see the overwhelming responsibilities diligently performed by the board. May Allah reward all who helped make us enjoy Ramadan blessing to its fullest. JAK.
  • Looking forward for women’s halaqah in English and tajweed classes for kids Inshallah. JAK.
  • Really appreciate all the hard work. Would really appreciate a separate entrance for women. It’s not easy passing through the scores of men.
  • A resident Iman should be English speaking and paid well. Would like more programs for kids under 12. Children and discipline and lack of parental supervision is a problem.
  • No Bangladeshi food.
  • JAK for your efforts (something in Arabic).
  • We need more space inside. I think that’s where the money should be spent on.
  • I am really proud of Al-huda.
  • Eid Mubarak.
  • JAK for your efforts.
  • Nice job.
  • Please separate women from men entrance. Separate them completely.
  • Excellent work. Keep it work. May Allah (SWT) bless you all with HIS rehmatain and mercy. JAK.
  • Please work and collect money to arrange a proper entrance and exit for women.
  • Eid Mubarak.
  • Generally, I am very excited about the programs and offering Alhuda foundation provides to the community. JAK to the Masjid board.
  • We would like to see all 9 elected members, BOD participate in Masjid activities. Some faces are there often. Some are often missing in action.
  • I strongly recommend start the new Masjid project as the Muslim community in Fishers is getting bigger.
  • Hire Ebrahim. Have a regular Quran classes. Focus on only one fundraising goal. Not on 5 projects in a year.
  • May Allah bless you all. More young (interesting) activities are important.
  • Change Jumma Khutba. It’s ridiculously lengthy. No one can concentrate after 15 minutes. It’s pointless.
  • Al-huda foundation is doing a great work. I say keep it up. Be a great example of Muslim umma. Thanks for your services.
  • We need more Q/A sessions for youth and adults as well.
  • We need more space inside Masjid and Community hall. We need more speakers and Khutba about spirituality and seeing Allah’s (SWT) mercy, not politics or leadership.
  • Provide table tops for elderly people to do sajda during Salah. Keep up the good work. JAK.
  • I love Eid arrangements at Fishers High School. Keep up the great work.
  • Please separate women from men entrance. Let them wait until men leave. Thank You.
  • Women’s area during Taraveeh is very noisy. A respected sister needs to advice other sisters on this matter. We need better and longer divider for the sisters.
  • We need to expand our Masjid. More activities for young girls and boys and teenagers.
  • Expansion of the Masjid. We need the Aftar to be more organized. We need outdoor lights for the parking lot. We need a bigger women prayer room.
  • Keep up the great work mashallah. I feel we need to have more lectures/Quranic studies for adults as well as youth.
  • Our family initially asking how we can help to volunteer. No one responded to us. Only certain people are asked to volunteer. No respect for other group of Muslims.
  • Cleanliness has not been a priority. Community members need to be educated regarding simple behavior, ethics, gently and respectfully done. Masjid management should be strict and discipline people.
  • Keep serving the community like you have been. Do it for Allah only. Know that your position is attest from Allah. May Allah guide you and make it easy for you Inshallah.
  • Handicapped space should be increased up to 10. Al-huda Masjid should be only used for religious purposes and should restraint from world issue. No laughing, no unusual disturbance during Sunnah and nafil.
  • Masjid is the most respected, dignified and best sacred place in the planet. Unfortunately, this dignity has been lowered in our mosque. A lot of gossips and worldly conversations go on there. A program to grow awareness to the culture of Masjid may be please undertaken.
  • Need a full time Hifz program. There are lots of families who are interested in this. Quran classes for the kids who should be able to read Quran with joy.
  • We need to be more, cost effective, no so wasteful, more clean, respect Masjid, respect and invite neighbors, sister’s door should be closed.
  • I would like to thank BOD for all their hard work and efforts in organizing all types of activities (Ramadan, Eid and special occasions for us). I would like to see forum with QA’s on Alhuda website.
  • The microphone sound isn’t clear and loud enough. I suggest to say Jumma Khutba in both languages (Arabic/English) with 20 minutes for each Khutba because now a days we all have our parents living with us due to the war circumstances in our country and it will be difficult for them to understand English. I suggest to have English classes for those who can’t speak English.
  • Help more Muslims in Indiana. It is our duty I think it’s a duty for every Muslim. We are one community because we are Muslims. Eid Mubarak.
  • The Masjid should not only be the place for prayers but also serve as a social hub for the community as its used to be in the times of our Prophet. A big hall (that can be used as sports hall as well as community events), youth engagement and interfaith and interfaith should be strongly encouraged.
  • The mosque does not seem to take into consideration the needs of the community sisters. Often during prayers, women are provided small spaces to pray and to make matter worse, children are often sharing these spaces making it very difficult to complete our spiritual obligations. In addition, there need to be more of a concerted effort to reach out to those who belong to religious beliefs. Many in the Fishers area are unaware of our presence in our community and we could a lot of good if we were more active.
  • Al-huda should emphasize on love with Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). It should be told to people especially with kids what happened on 10th of Muharram, its not shia thing only. Develop love for the family of Prophet (PBUH) in the kids.
  • Hiring a full time Imam is very important to the whole community. Having no Imam for more than 2 years is not beneficial to the community. Imam’s responsibility is not restricted or limited to Friday Khutba so having non-professional people for Friday Khutba and leading prayers is not satisfactory and frustrating. I strongly recommend to have fundraising for a gym for youth activities.
  • We are missing Imam on Friday’s. I have been attending Jumma since 2011. I have couple of friends who live in Carmel and Westfield, I had invited them to attend Jumma and they were disappointed with the Khutba. Unfortunately, they never came back to Al-huda for Friday prayers. We do need good Imam who can deliver desired Khutba to reach heart of every Muslim.
  • I will suggest that Masjid connect people with the scholars that are following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and teach the Muslims the Sunnah which is very important and leave off all innovations and I’ll advise the board to get an Imam who follows the Sunnah. I hope you take this advice. Thanks.
  • New immigrants help desk: Can we make a forum where we can get in touch with the new immigrants so we can provide support to them as well as they may be helpful to our Islamic society. Where is our role in the American political life?
  • All Masjids specially Alhuda should be a place for prayers only and restraint from dunya issues like talking loud, laughing which interfere with religious concepts on one side and on the other side disturbs other Namazis offering Sunnah and nafil prayers. Brother Dr. Anwar.
  • Imam is badly needed not only to lead prayers but also to support the community in their needs like answering religious questions. Many times I find myself trying to find an Imam to answer my questions in other communities. Also, we need Saturday Quran teaching classes for kids. Salam and Thank you for your efforts.
  • Next time in an Aftari when they open the pizza serve it with the other food so the kids that are fasting (good kids) can also get the pizza. Why am I asking this? Because they usually server it during the prayers and the kids (bad kids) take 3-6 slices of pizza and they just don’t eat most of it so when prayers are over there is no pizza left.
  • Brining YOUNG respected scholars is very important and beneficial to the community. A full time Imam is essential to the Masjid. It would be nice to have separate area for women so they don’t to bump into men while leaving the musallah.
  • Next time pay the speaker on a per appearance basis. I don’t think an outdoor sports complex is a bad idea but we need more indoor stuff too. Youth definitely needs work but Inshallah we will have something by the next Ramadan. I haven’t heard of any interfaith activities.
  • Al-huda foundation’s activities are very nice. We like to hear more about family life and how important to attend Jumma prayers for men. Please discuss that when they have a chance to discuss. May Allah bless Alhuda.
  • Make the environment of Masjid more inviting for all ethnic groups. Offer more community activities and hold people more accountable for their attitudes. Some ownership attitude needs to be toned down a bit.
  • Masjid needs to be cleaner and in more welcoming status so we present our praying and worshipping building in a better way for the Muslims and non-Muslims guest.
  • The Masjid space should be designated solely for worship. There is currently too much foot traffic and other activities going on in and around the prayer room. This is making it dirty and taking away from its sacredness as a place of worship. In the future, architecture projects/lay out plans, activity rooms, kitchens etc. should be far away from the Salah room.
  • Need to be more receptive of children and youth in the majid instead of always yelling and criticizing them. If we hire an Imam can we please hire one we like this time and be sure to respect them as they are closer to Allah.
  • I’m here for New Jersey for Ramadan. Need to have monthly membership fees so you don’t spend too much time, requesting donations. Eid need to have volunteers outside for parking (just like Disney) so people don’t block cars so much. If we are bringing our kids for Taraveeh, least we can do is to teach them not to wear shorts (Bermuda shorts are no-no). Eid Khutba should be better prepared with better pointed discussions.
  • It is very beneficial to focus on our youth but also important to create programs for adults to learn more about Islam. There are several Muslims who don’t know how to recite Quran. We should also be more active in Dawa Programs. Thank you.



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