9th Annual Friendship Feast at Alhuda Foundation: A huge Thank you

Alhuda Interfaith Committee would like to thank you for coming yesterday to the 9th Annual Friendship Feast which was very well attended, Alhamdulillah. This is our largest annual interfaith event, and participation by you, be it coming with family and friends, or inviting your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, or spreading the word of this event, was the key to the success of this event. Because of your help with spreading the word to the community at large, we have had one of the largest turnout of people of other faiths to this event yesterday. So a huge “Thank You” to all.

An event of this scale would not have been a reality without the dedication and hard work from all the volunteers who spent hours with the set-up, getting the supplies, grills, snack machines, serving food and drinks, greeting visitors, trash removal and cleaning, attending the kids’ rides, and many other types of help. We thank and salute you all for such unwavering support to this event.

Special thanks to Dr. Elsaharty who not only founded this event at Alhuda, but also provided leadership in the overall organization of this event every year. Special thanks to our Imams without whose knowledge and wisdom the underlying mission of this event could not have been achieved (answering questions from our visitors). Special thanks to all the board members of Alhuda Foundation who tirelessly worked around the clock to ensure that this event is a success.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

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