Week of December 8, 2013 Activities

Below are this week’s activities “as weather permits”:

Friday 1st Khutba 1:20 pm and 2nd Khutba at 3:25 pm
Friday Halaqa for youth age 7-12 at Alhuda 6-8 pm and for 13+ at Eman School 6-7 pm
Friday Interactive talk: cancelled this week
Friday Tajweed for sisters 7-8 pm at Alhuda.
Saturday Tafseer Halaqa 12 to 1pm at Alhuda (Sr.Mountaha Kassab)
Saturday Qiyam for age 18 and older 8:30-10:30pm
Tuesday Tafseer Halaqa 8-9 pm at Alhuda (Br.Ahmed Al Jebawi)

Alhuda Friday Talks are scheduled every Friday after Isha prayer. We are looking for people who can present something to the community. It does not have to be religious. No topics are off limits, but please keep in mind it’s a family event and we need to avoid controversial topics. Please contact us if you are interested in giving a talk.

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