A message from Butler University MSA

You may have heard the tragic news about Peter Kassig, a former Butler University student. Recently, ISIS released a video in which they beheaded a British aid worker, Alan Henning, and threatened to kill Peter. He has been doing great humanitarian work overseas with an organization which he founded.

On Wednesday, October 8, we will be holding an event in solidarity with Peter and his family during this difficult time. This event will take place at 6 pm at Butler University, on the lawn between Irwin and Atherton. There will be a number of Muslim speakers talking about Peter and his background, and how we as a Butler community can help Peter and his family in this time of crisis and tragedy. This event is meant to be something focused on Peter and his family, not on ISIS and the political situation. I ask that you all pass on the information about this event to anyone and everyone you know.  Tell your friends, coworkers, classmates, whoever. This event is open to the Butler community, and the Indianapolis community as a whole. To show our solidarity we also ask that attendees try their best to wear white.

Thank you all, and I hope to see you Wednesday,

Butler University MSA

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