Election of the Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors’ three years term will end soon. Therefore, all necessary arrangements have been made to elect a new one by January 10, 2015 at the latest. Transition and Transfer of power is targeted to take place by February 1, 2015. The following steps have already been taken:

1) Selection and activation of an independent Election Committee (EC). The EC has three members headed by Brother Abdul Rauf Nafiseh. The other two members are: Dr. Ma’n Abdullah and Dr. Omar Obeidat. It is worthy to note that these three notable members of our organization have administered the previous election. Their dedication, integrity and spirit of fairness and justice are unquestionable.

2) A preliminary list of all eligible voters is being finalized and will be posted at Al-Huda Masjid as well as at Al-Huda Website. Please check your name if it is listed. If not and you are an active member of Al-Huda Organization, then your name is inadvertently missed. I urge you to follow up and exercise your right to vote. The EC will be issuing guidelines and a timetable with strict deadlines to follow. Please read carefully and adhere to its instructions and deadlines. The EC has already set an email address for this purpose. Please follow up and contact them at:


3) During the last three years, the status of many of the original voters changed. Many of our sons and daughters grew older and now may be eligible to vote, a few got married or divorced, a few left the community and many more joined us. To ensure every vote counts, please update your status accordingly with the election committee via the above email.

4) For your information and in accordance with Al-Huda By-laws, none of the members of the Board of Trustees and none of the members of the EC is eligible to run.

5) A GENERAL ASSEMBLY to introduce new candidates to our community members will take place during November 2014. The time and place will be announced by the EC.

With the last election experience in mind, I like to emphasize the fact that the inclusion of our sisters and daughters is greatly encouraged as their absence was very noticeable in the last election. I urge them to run for election and become members of the new Board of Directors. Their participation and/or contribution is badly needed. Presently, the incumbent Board of Directors does not have a single female. Like wise, I encourage the youth to take a stand and participate. Al-Huda Foundation needs energetic youth with fresh ideas and new blood to cope with the phonemic expected growth in our community.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors for a great job well done. May Allah (SWT) reward them for their dedication, leadership, and great service to our community. They set a difficult example to follow; and I hope many of them will run for a second term to ensure continuity and smooth transition.

As we are an integral part of the fabric of America, may Allah (SWT) bless our community and make us fruitful to our county, our state and our country at large.

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