Eid al-Fitr at Incrediplex on July 17th

Eid al-Fitr prayer and party will be held at Incrediplex. Come make this a fun Eid day with your family and friends. Right after Eid Prayer, you and your kids can enjoy bowling, laser tag, slides, rock climbing, video games, indoor basketball, indoor soccer, etc. Please note that you will have to pay for some of the kid activities. Get more information about Incrediplex here http://www.incrediplex.com

Eid Prayer
Takbeerat Time: 8:00 AM
Prayer Time: 9:00 AM SHARP
Place: Incrediplex
Direction from masjid to Incrediplex – 9 miles – 20 minutes drive
Things To Note
1-It is a working day, and there might be a rush hour or construction on your way, so please give yourself enough time. There will be only ONE Eid Prayer
2-There will be donuts, coffee, water and soda drinks sponsored by Alhuda.
3-VOLUNTEERS: Please join us at Incrediplex at 7:00AM to setup sheets for prayers, etc.
4-Zakat-ul-Fitr will not be accepted after 8:55 AM.  After that it will become sadaqa.  If you have to pay zakat-ul-fitr then please come early.
5-Incrediplex has Indoor soccer, bowling, laser tag, video games, slides, and lots of other fun activities for kids (please note that you will have to pay for kid activities)

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