Message from a Neighbor‏

As a Fishers resident and a Christian I have increasingly felt the need to reach out to the people of the Alhuda community to let you know that you are welcome here.

I don’t know the extent to which you are negatively affected in our community by the recent events in Paris and San Bernardino, but I am sorry that a spirit of fear and hate rather than the spirit of “love your neighbor as yourself” seems to be dominating our American culture. As a Christian I am frustrated by people speaking out and acting on behalf of the Christian faith in ways that clearly do not follow the words and actions of Jesus, and I can only imagine that you also feel this frustration.
Just as you are welcome in our community, please know that many Christians stand with you in the desire to welcome refugees to Indiana regardless of religion or country of origin. I will continue to pray that a spirit of peace permeates our community and that all people of faith in Fishers will honor God not only in our words but in the way we treat each other.
God bless you.


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