Educational Program at Alhuda by Sheikh Ahmad Ansari

Alhuda Board of Directors is pleased to introduce Sheikh Ahmad Ansari to our community. Sheikh Ansari had kindly accepted our invitation to conduct a full educational program from Thursday August 25th-Saturday 27th.Sheikh Ansari has an extensive experience of working in a diverse and multi cultural Muslim environment. He is an effective educator, a trainer and a communicator with sound PR, out-reach, and conflict resolving skills. He is an experienced youth educator & trainer. He has been a speaker for ICNA-MAS Convention for the past five years.  He has an extensive experience in training elementary, middle/high school teachers. He speaks English, Arabic and Urdu. He holds  Bachelors degree in Islamic Religious Studies (Jamia Mazahir Ullom, India) and  Diploma in Modern Arabic (Jamia Millia Islamia University, India). He works as the Principal of ICOB Academy, New Jersey.


                                            Sheikh Ansari’s Program schedule/ Alhuda

Thursday August 25th after Maghrib/ Alhuda Masjed:

Topic: Rasulullah saw: The best Murabbi and an ideal teacher

Sheikh Ansari will share examples/samples from Rasulullah’s  teaching style. Interesting topic for everyone


Friday August 26th (9:00 am-12:00 pm)/Eman School:

Topic: Lessons from the life of Prophet Sulaiman  or

            Al-Hijrah: Rasulullah saw’s journey of migration & the youth

Interesting topic for students as well as young adults (both boys/girls) at Eman School.


Friday Khutbah


Friday evening at 7 pm. Youth Prgram. 

Topic: Knowing Abdullah Bin Abbas: Practical lessons for school/college students

Interesting topic with lots of practical lessons for youth adults: women and men.


Friday after Maghreb

The Quality of As-Sabr, the patience

Lecture for the community, everyone, youth and families are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Saturday 11 am: one of the following topics: 

Lessons from the life of Abu Obaidah Bin Al-Jarrah

Getting to know Prophet Isa son of Maryam 

Why we love Rasulullah saw: Noble character and his expectations

(interesting topic/can be scheduled for sisters and girls and others)

I urge everybody to come and bring his/her family and friends to this important educational event.

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