Al-Huda Foundation Expansion Update

This is what we have accomplished so far on the project

Picked construction committee and defined its responsibilities

Did a survey to better understand community needs for the project

Completed the architecture class at Ball State University which gave us 6 “concept designs” for our masjid

Received proposals from several architects, and then interviewed few of them

Picked KRM as our architects for the masjid. Signed the contract with them

Completed the site and land survey which told us that we cannot build basement

Worked with KRM on schematic design. We have almost finished the schematic design

Worked with site engineers to come up with drawings for site approval from city of Fishers

Have been working with city planners to get approval for construction but because of our lack of space and not enough parking spots, we have been going back and fourth and trying to satisfy their demands. We do feel that we are now very close to completion.
Working with architect/consultants/construction managers to come up with ways to reduce the cost of the project to fit our budget of 5 million dollars.

Once we get the city permit, we plan do following

Hire a construction manager

Have our architect (KRM) create detail design documents for the expansion

Work with construction manager and architect to come up with ways to do the construction so that it fits our budget

Start construction in 2018

The truth is that for a project of this size, there is lot of work that happens in the background before we can start construction. Here are the reasons for delay in the project so far

We do NOT have enough money. We have been able to raise only 1.6 million dollars in cash so far while the cost of the project is at least 5 million dollars. This puts lot of pressure on construction committee and project. We have been trying to save money at every step which requires lot of workarounds for things which would have been simple otherwise. Honestly this has been our biggest challenge and risk in the project.

There were lot of meetings between construction committee and architects to come up with the best possible design for our community. KRM took some extra time to adjust and work on the concept design.

There were some delays in signing the contract with KRM, and also doing surveys

Lot of people come to us to offer their help. We really appreciate it. This is what you can do

Make dua for the project, and for people who have donated, and worked on this project.

Donate generously. This is not a project for few people, it is for everybody in the community. It is a responsibility for each and every person of the community to donate as much and as often as they can. We have setup a credit card machine in the musallah. Please make use of it.

Al-Huda Foundation Construction Committee

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