Sh Qeyam represents Al Huda Foundation at the Multi Faith Neighbors Network Indianapolis Bridge Building Retreat

This initiative is led by Pastor Bob Roberts (NorthWood Church) Imam Mohammed Magid (ADAMS Center) and the former ambassador for religious Freedom David Saperstein representing the Jewish community.


In the aftermath of a highly-polarized US presidential election, and with populist rhetoric growing across the United States and Europe, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and hate speech against religious, racial, and ethnic minorities is on the rise. At this critical
juncture in our nation’s history, faith groups can play an important role in promoting constructive dialogue across the divides. The Multi Faith Neighbors Network has emerged to meet this need and unite faith leaders in 50 cities across America for the sake of relationship and peace. Sh. Qeym represented Al Huda Foundation at the inaugural retreat where Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith leaders met in fellowship.


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