In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


In 2001, a handful of community members met at Holland Park in Fishers, IN to discuss the dream of having a new Islamic Center in the town of Fishers. The need to establish such institution was huge after many families realized that they do not have a facility to house their religious and cultural activities in this important part of the greater Indianapolis. In 2002, the articles of incorporation, bylaws and Federal tax exempt status were filed and approved. Since the community did not have enough budget to buy a building, it was decided to rent a warehouse with multiple offices on the 96th street as a temporary step until a permanent facility will be owned. The warehouse was used as a prayer area and the offices were utilized as classrooms for the weekend school (Alnour School). In 2005, the community of Alhuda Foundation was able to purchase the current building on Lantern Road over an area of about 13 acres. One year later, a large expansion was added to the existing building to include a larger prayer area and more class rooms. The availability of 10 classrooms created a strong motivation to establish a full time school. In 2006, Eman School accepted the first batch of full time students. Since there was an overwhelming desire from the families to register more students in Eman School, another building on Allisonville Road was purchased.

One of the most diverse communities:
The community has steadily diversified to include Muslims of many languages and experiences—all praying side-by-side. We consider this as a source of strength to our community, and we are really proud with this diversity. Fishers is a very nice suburb in the northeast side of Indianapolis with a rapidly growing population, excellent schools, and services. It is one of the best places to raise families. Fishers was named the safest in the nation in both 2011and in 2012. In 2010, Fishers was ranked eighth in the best places to live according to Money magazine and America’s best affordable suburb by BusinessWeek.
Our community is very active in practicing dawa (preaching of Islam), maintaining different educational programs and developing youth, interfaith, and social activities.

Eman Schools: Enhancing Islamic Values with Academic Excellence:
We are very proud of Eman School which is a full time state-accredited school for preK-12th grade. In addition to Indiana curriculum Eman School teaches Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic. Over the past 10 years Eman School has grown from 9 children in preK and KG to 230 students in PreK-12th grade. Eman School offers rigorous college preparatory courses that allow students to earn 2 years’ worth of college credits while completing Indiana’s honor diploma. Our graduates are able to join top colleges such as Purdue, IU, IUPUI with most of them on full ride scholarships. Please visit the Eman School web site at to learn more about Eman Schools.

Alnoor Weekend School:
AL-nour School is a weekend school that teaches Quran and Arabic language. It is considered as an important institution for those students who go to public schools. Al-nour school is in cession every Sunday during school time.

Active in Dawa (preaching of Islam) and Interfaith:
Our community is very active in dawa and interfaith. Over the last decade we held 10 friendship feasts where we opened our facility to the public to introduce the local community to Islam, and to our culture. This is in addition to many interfaith events that we hold frequently. Furthermore, we exchange visits with our community members at their homes and businesses.
For questions related to our interfaith activities contact:
Dr. Salah Elsaharty at email:
Br. Sohel Anwar at email:
Sis. Anila Din at email:

New Muslims:
New reverts to Islam are very welcome in our community. We maintain a support group for the new reverts. In fact many of our community members originally reverted to Islam and have a positive experience with receiving a good support against many challenges they have faced since their conversion to Islam.
For information on activities related to new Muslims please contact:
Br. Asif Ansari at email:
Sis. Khadijah Saltagi at email:
Sis. Anila Din at email:

Our youth program is very active in organizing weekly Halaqas, camps and many other social activities. Our youth is also participating in dawa, interfaith, social and various educational events.
For more questions please email

Educational activities:
Our masjid is very active in providing different educational programs. It offers weekly tafsir Halaqa, weekly Fiqih Halaqa, weekly story Halaqa, and weekly Khatira. This is in addition to very educational and diverse Juma khutba, and very frequent visitor scholars. We also maintain an after school Quran teaching program for our youth.