Local Muslim Businesses

If you want to add your business here then let us know. You must be local to greater Indianapolis. If you contact these businesses then please let them know that you got the contact info from Al-Huda website.


Name E-Mail Phone Number
Mehreen Younus (Available on weekends) mehreenyounus at yahoo dot com 317-619-45 three two


Computer Services

Name E-Mail Phone Number
Ahmad Daraghmeh daraghmeh at me dot com 917-309-17 eight five
Abdul Azeez azez.design.art at gmail dot com 317-515-95 seven three



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Imran Raja (General Contractor) www. amiconstruction .com 765-208-56 nine eight



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Younouss Ba (Carpet cleaning and Janitorial service) benyounouss at yahoo dot com 765-416-31 six one



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Babar Rizvi Laboratory (medical laboratory) Offering from the basic to the most complex tests/lab screens Labondemand.brizvi at gmail dot com www. labondemandind. com 317-405-80 five seven
Dr. Amal Hassan & Dr. David Beeson,
Independent Doctors of Optometry
www. samsclub. com 317-585-94 five three
Ghiath Halwani, DDS Dental services and emergency dental care. Family and urgent Dental Services and Implant dentistry halwanidds at gmail dot com 317-507-99 zero six
Muhammad Munir ,MD, FAPA
Harmony Medical Associates
appointments at harmonymed dot com
www. harmonymed. com
317-842-55 five five


Home Services

Name E-Mail Phone Number
Syed Anwar (SID) Shah (President)Arab Termite & Pest Control, Inc. SASHAH at seeabug dot net www.seeabug.net 317-545-12 seven five


Interior Designer

Name E-Mail Phone Number
Gary Shircliff ibn YusufARC Home Improvements gshircliff at gmail dot com 317-523-15 three one
Nora Dahmani Nabadarchi at yahoo dot com 317-370-81 zero six



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Abdalla Ali amahdy1 at sbcglobal dot net 317-801-49 nine six
Zofeen Khan Zofeen at zofeenkhan dot com www. zofeenkhan. com 732-407-24 seven nine


Real Estate Broker

Name E-Mail Phone Number
Jumha Shatara (Realtor) jshatara at callcarpenter dot com 317-832-28 zero zero
Saimir Qalliu SQalliu at SummitRealtyGroup dot com 317-501-11 six four
Tajwer Osmani Tajwer2 at yahoo dot com



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Al-Rahmah Foundation (Quran Education) rahmahfoundation1 at gmail dot com 317-902-85 three three
Club Z! In-Home Tutoring (Hina Shaikh & Atif Baloch) abaloch at clubztutoring dot com www.clubztutoring. com/ noblesville 317-482-25 eight two
Kumon Fishers-East center arjumandazeem at ikumon dot com www.kumon.com /fishers- east‎ 317-567-19 five three
Susan Abdelsalam fishersin at tutoringcenter dot com 317-845-98 five eight


Tax Services

Name E-Mail Phone Number
Indy Tax Service indytax at indytaxservice dot com www. indytaxservice. com 317-248-07 seven zero



Name E-Mail Phone Number
Lut’s PantrySr. Nashia Aleem, Amira www. lutspantry .wordpress. com 317-709-49 four four